Home Security Advice 



* Never open your door to unknown visitors. Fit a spy hole or a door chain so you can see who it is before opening the door.

* Don't leave your keys in the inside lock or on a window ledge as a burglar will be able to break the window.

* Remove keys and anything valuable away from view.

* Don't add your name and address on a key tag, if you lose your keys away from home they could fall into the wrong hands.

* Don't tell social media your going on holiday!


* Pebbles/gravel will help keep burglars away as they will alert you if someone is approaching your house.

* Fit blinds to your windows, they are a noisy obstruction for burglars.

* Install an alarm system and change the code regularly.

* Join the neighbourhood watch scheme and display a sticker.

* Cut back on hedges and trees to stop burglars from concealing themselves.