17th September 2016 - Coventry Locksmiths EXPO

On Saturday morning we arrived at the Ricoh arena for the locksmith EXPO 2016 show in Coventry. It wasn’t a great start as we wasn’t properly registered so we had to wait a while for them to set us up and to receive a lanyard with Herne Bay Locks on it.

As we walked in, there was a massive hall with lots of stands, upstairs were classes but we didn’t sign up for them this year but would like to join some for next year. We missed the famous Mr Lishi running his classes but that didn’t matter….. ( carry on reading to find out why! )

The first stand we arrived at was Lock Decoders, we enjoyed browsing at a lot of things on this stand.

We looked at the new Miracle9 which they had a demo running, we purchased one which has now been delivered. As you can see by pictures below we really enjoyed unwrapping this machine and seeing what it could do. The next gadget we looked at was the true code software which is for key programming, after seeing the demo and Petes talk we couldn’t say no to purchasing that also. This gives us more of a range of key programming facilities to fall in line with our other machines.

The next stand we headed over to was Trade locks, which we purchased a “Chris Belcher multi gauge mortice pick” which undoes mortice locks for households issues. We spoke about how secure the mortice locks are. 

Then we visited DOM which is a high restrictive system lock supplies. Funny thing that happened was my colleague Bob had tripped up the stand but luckily caught himself from too much embarrassment which then broke the ice to have a chat with the Rep. We spoke to them about supplying a new restrictive master system, becoming first in the area to provide this brand of locks. Since the show we have had a meeting with the staff at DOM and will be going up in November to finalise the deal which we are really excited about. 

We had a coffee break and then walked around gathering some more ideas and browsing products that we can use in the near future. This is where we then came to Key Print and ordered a Lishi SX9 pick, this pick decodes and picks SX9 locks which are found normally on older Citroens and Peugeots.  

As i was looking at the new ten track Volkswagen pick and trying it out myself, all of a sudden Mr Lishi came over. The translator said to me he wanted to help me and show me some techniques with the pick. I found it really interesting as he was showing me his knowledge through his hands and then onto mine. I felt very privileged afterwards to have a lesson with him. 

Our second to last stand was Advanced Keys where they were promoting a new type of security for vehicles called OBD blocker. This blocks the communication between the OBD socket and the immobiliser side of the vehicle which then stops somebody stealing the car via bypassing the immobiliser through the OBD. This is a product we are looking into more and are hoping to gather more information about this device so watch this space.

Last stand we went to was North west keys, which we purchased key covers for all different makes and models of vehicles. 

Thanks for reading our blog! More To Come!

Herne Bay Locks